Thursday, 21 April 2011

Debbie & Bruce wedding day

Hear comes the Bride

Debbie just before getting her dress on


Debbie,Charlie & Molly (flower girl)


Molly and me

8 and 1/2 months pregnant Lesley & molly

Just getting ready to leave

Lesley with her soon to be brother in law Bruce


The piper & drummer Debbie walked down the isle to highland cathedral

Hear we go

Right dad let's go i can't wait to be Bruce's wife

The tables courtesy of my wee sister

Just about there

The chairs courtesy of my wee sister

At last Mr & Mrs Bruce Blaney

Aww get the sick bucket out lol

The happy couple

The kiss

My 2 nephews Callum & Scott Callum is only 13 & Scott 8

The bridal party

And again

Bride,Groom,Mother of Bride,Father of Bride Mother of Groom

Mother of bride,Father of bride with Bridesmaids & Flower girl

Mother of Bride,Father of Bride,Brie & Groom

Debbie & Molly

Cutting of the cake


The first waltz

Monday, 31 January 2011


Not been around much been getting kept busy not making cards but wedding stationery which i am enjoying doing. After Lesley & Blair got married in August 2009 i was asked if i would make Lesley's friends which then led on to making order of service's for a guest that was at the wedding then another friend asked me if i would make her wedding stationery & i thought that was an end to it all lol. But whilst on holiday in Majorca i had a text form a friend's neighbour who loved the invitations & asked if i would make hers which i finished a couple of day's before Christmas then made a start on DD Debbie & Bruce's which is now done except for the table plan & the table settings which can't get done till we have all the replies back. Could have another order coming up again a friend who has a work friend who is getting married next year so she is going to come & see me later in the year. I'm actually enjoying doing the wedding stationery it's keeping me busy so I'm not just sat at the computer all day lol will try to upload some photo's later.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lesley & Blair's wedding

Lesley & Blair got married on Saturday 29th August it was such a perfect day from start to finish. I have put on a few ok a lot of photo's for you all to see there was 4 bridesmaids who were Lesley's sister Debbie,my sister Marion & her best friends Lynne & Leeanne. The photo with me with the 2 handsome young men are my 2 nephews Callum & Scott the wee lady in the cream is my lovely wee mum. Lesley is the first grandchild from both sides to get married so it got quite emotional especially when charlie made his speech he wanted to mention how Lesley's 2 grandads would have been so proud of her but poor charlie broke down in tears which made other people cry. Hope you like the photo's thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

OMG it's next saturday

Well that's my baby getting married next Saturday can't believe how quick it has come round. It's been getting organised for 2 years LOL the dresses are all altered, the flowers are hear,table plans done,nails getting done next Friday hair & makeup on the morning of the wedding then it's all go go go my house will be like a mad house. We have Lesley (Bride) 4 bridesmaids father of the bride Debbie's partner & moi of course LOL:) We have the rehearsal next Thursday night not that i have to do anything I'm just going to be nosey i will share some wedding photos with you thanks for reading.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Lesley's Henny

Some photo's of Lesley's hen night on Saturday 1st august. We started off at the mega bowl in Dundee although i never played because of the problem with my back & shoulder but it was great fun watching.We then went to Jimmy Chung's (a Chinese buffet) restaurant which was really nice lots of choice then we headed back to Arbroath to hit the pubs but on the way back i started to feel a bit queasy thought it was just the heat in the car. We stopped off at the first pub & i thought that when i got out the car & got a bit of fresh air i would be fine wrong i was feeling worse by the minute so i had to come home my sister & one of the bridesmaids took me home in a taxi. I felt really bad not being able to help Lesley to celebrate her hen night i think it was a bug as i was ill all night with an upset tummy anyway the rest of the girls went on to have a fun night. 3 weeks this saturday till the big day.